Boot Camp

12 Rooms, 60 Minutes

The world needs you! People are relying on your team to save them! You and your team will need to crack open the vault to retrieve the document. Then there is the Crunch – the final challenge! Do you have what it takes to beat the Boot Camp?

Successfully crack five challenges out of twelve and the world will be a safe place once again… Can you and your team shoulder this great responsibility and save mankind.

This is our hardest challenge. If you have the intelligence or the bravado, this challenge was made for you.

“36 puzzle rooms at the new centre which will test the skills and ingenuity of even the most hardy game goers.”  Manchester Evening News.

“Excellent! Crystal maze in real life with tons of different games and challenges to complete in time. Do your best and get to the end so you get to experience the final challenge!!”    R Shiels.

“If you like puzzles, plus if you like the crystal maze you will enjoy Crackit. The staff is very friendly and helpful, it’s fun for all ages.”    N Williams.

Pirates Cove

12 Rooms, 60 Minutes

Aye Aye Captain! Steer Pass the Challenges to Find the Treasure Chest! Step into the world of Pirates to test your abilities and find the treasure chest. You need to avoid traps, solve puzzles and find clues to reach the treasure chest. Once you’ve reached the Treasure chest, the final trap will be triggered- that is the Crunch!

Do you have what it takes to beat the Pirates Cove?

This zone is suited for all age groups and first timers here at Crack It Bolton. 


“Crackit is a new breed of puzzle adventure – it’s similar to an escape room, but rather than having to solve one puzzle then the next this is more free-form.”    Warrington Guardian.

“What a fantastic night at Crack it Bolton. Can’t wait to go back. Well worth a visit – cracking nights entertainment.” G Hounslea.

“Really fun and original. Loved the different series of games – very inventive. The accommodation is bright, clean and easy to find. Would highly recommend, in fact thinking of organizing ‘works do’ there!”

Haunted Mansion

12 Rooms, 60 Minutes

Scared of the Dark? Do not Enter the Haunted Mansion or you’ll come out Screaming. You and your team members are trapped in the mansion and must find clues, solve puzzles and face obstacles to safely get out of the building.

The door of the mansion has been sealed – you must figure out a way to break it down and escape – that is your final challenge – the Crunch. Do you have what it takes to beat the Haunted Mansion?

This room has a mixture of challenges from beginner level to brutal. You will need to communicate well to survive. (crying for help doesnt count).

“This is incredible value… If you want sixty minutes of fun, then this is a fantastic option.” The Logic Escapes Me.

“If you’re looking for a fun group event then you can’t go wrong. Crack-it Bolton has Crystal Maze-like puzzle rooms and there are a LOT of them. The staff are amazing and keep the party atmosphere going throughout.”  M Rennison.

  “I expected just any old escape room but it was so different, all the 12 mini rooms have very well designed puzzles.”