Frequently Asked Questions!

How old should I be to take part?

You must be at least 10-years-old to take part in Crack It Bolton, if you have children younger than 10 please call us to discuss. If you’re under 16 years of age, you must bring an adult to accompany you. 

What happens if we turn up later than scheduled?
Under no circumstances will we allow the teams to participate in the event of coming after the booking time. All of our events are run tightly on time to make the experience an enjoyable one for all..
What is the difference between Crack it and Other escape rooms?

Crack it Bolton entails a series of mind-boggling puzzles & games. We have 3 Zones with 12 rooms each, you and your team members are only required to complete 5 out of 12 challenges to get a chance to play the Crunch. On the other hand, in an escape room, you and your team members will be locked in a room and you will only get 60 minutes to escape. At Crack it Bolton you will not be locked in. You will have to work together and use your skills to solve the puzzles and reveal hidden secrets to figure out a way to complete the challenges.

How long does the experience last?
The experience will last for an hour. However, you must arrive at the venue 15 minutes before your booking time for a team briefing where your master will give you the spiel. If you fail to arrive 15 minutes earlier, you will lose your playing time and no accommodations or refund will be provided.
Do you have parking?

Yes we have free onsite parking, please use any available bay. We also have free Wifi and we are fully Air-conditioned

Are the challenges dangerous?
No, all the challenges are designed to be completely safe and they are not dangerous in any way. However, they are challenging, and if at any time you feel that you cannot continue, you will have the option of quitting the game. But, no refund will be provided for early exits.
What happens if we can’t figure out the puzzle?
We are watching your every move and if you’re stuck at a particular puzzle, we will provide you with clues so that you don’t lose all your game time in one puzzle.
Can I get a refund?
Once you’ve booked your ticket, no refund will be provided under any condition.
Can the game be rescheduled?

Crack It Bolton games will not be rescheduled under any condition unless you give us more than 48hr notice.

How many players can participate?

we can accommodate up to 12 players per zone, Please call us to discuss if you require more players per zone.

Can I take pictures or record videos of the games and the room?

Yes you are allowed to take pictures and videos in the zones just please don’t reveal any clues or answers.

Do I Need to bring anything?
Everything required to complete the challenge and puzzles will be provided to you; so you don’t have to bring anything special with you. Just your wits!
What clothes and shoes should I wear?
We have no specific requirement regarding clothes and shoes, and you can wear anything you’re comfortable in.
General rules..

Very simple:
No alcohol, no drugs, no jumping on furniture, don’t break anything etc. Handle objects with care.
Everyone who enters the building can store valuables away in the lockers provided.
Please note, due to Health & safety, players under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused entry and will not be refunded! The most important rules are to play the game and have fun!